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 Challenges of Business

“Bringing a great rolling restaurant to market is a big challenge,” reflects Kara. Not only are you constantly perfecting your menu, but you have to deal with organization and regulations that govern food, employees, vehicles, taxes, permits. Then there all the aspects of marketing to a new area every day you move locations. Then there is managing communications and social media.

“With so much going on, you have to reframe your life around the business. Sometimes a brick and mortar location seems to be an easier operation and that is the dream!”

Jason Milner had a dream to bring better food to music venues and it only took one vegan dinner prepared by Kara Kessler for Jason to discover that they would have a mission together. As Jason put it, “We specialize in serving vegan comfort food to keep your mind & body on track, and aim to heal people and the planet through our entirely plant-based menu.”Kara and Jason finished building their “restaurant on wheels” towards the end of 2017 to bring better food to music venues all over the state of Colorado.  Based in Nederland, CO, Jason and Kara are often parked in downtown Ned on good weather days serving their fabulous cuisine. Some days they head to a local brewery in the front range. 

The Vegetable Express is Back at Vegfest Colorado 2019

​Vegfest 2018 Success!

The Vegetable Express had their first debut at VegFest Colorado 2018 at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield. Jason reports that it was simply amazing. They sold out both days and projected they could have served at least another 600 people.

For Vegfest 2019 they plan to be ready for bigger crowds and even faster service. But, Kara points out, I still remember our customers and making that connection is very important to us.Come visit The Vegetable Express at Vegfest 2019 July 27-28 at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield. Check out Facebook for current locations!

But once a music festival beckons, they hook up the The Vegetable Express to their truck and head on down the mountain for few days of great people, great music and lots of hard work.

Their menu is well received, especially at venues where good food is hard to find. Their focus is traditional meat-based comfort food built from their own time-tested plant-based recipes. High on the list of customer favorites are their Buffalo Wings made from seitan and choice of Buffalo or BBQ sauce. Right behind that is their tasty Mozzarella sticks, but the all-time favorite is the Philly Seitan Sandwich. Other favorites include the Lions Mane Roll – (Lobster roll) and Spicy Cauliflower bites.

Kara Kessler & Jason Milner
The Vegetable Express
PO Box 1335
Nederland, CO 80466