We respectfully require that all your ingredients, items displayed, items sold and sampled, advertisements, not be, contain, reference the use of, or test on, animals. This includes but is not limited to the following items and or ingredients, flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, gelatin, coral, silk, skin products (such as cow/leather, snake, alligator, wool, feathers, fur, etc). Manmade substitutions are welcome. If you have any products or ingredients you are unsure of please send an email with your inquiry to, Subject: Product Ingredients

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY VegFest Colorado will go on as scheduled unless the weather turns "Life Threatening" in which case the event will be cancelled and there will be NO RUFUNDS. Other than weather, If exhibitor notifies VFC of their cancellation before Midnight on June 15, 2018, a refund (less $25) will be made. If notice of cancellation is given AFTER June 15, 2018, NO REFUND will be given.

1. At the end of the event, remove/take with you all of your cooking oils/fluids. NO ONSITE DUMPING!!!
2. Exhibitor must have their booth staffed during event hours.
3. Exhibitor is free to attend lectures or presentations, provided #2 is met.
4. Exhibitor activities are restricted to the allotted space. Do not solicit beyond the boundaries of your space.
5. Teardown starts at 5PM on Sunday. Additional costs can be incurred if building is not vacated by 9 PM. 
6. Space not occupied by the opening of the event will be considered a no-show, and deemed forfeited, and will be reused by VFC without any
     obligation or refund whatsoever. 
7. Failure to comply in any respect with the terms, conditions, rules, or regulations of this event shall result in the termination of the rights of
    the Exhibitor. 
8. Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify VegFest Colorado, the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, and any of their directors, officers,
     members, agents volunteers, exhibitors or the owners of any festival related property from and against any and all liabilities, costs,
     damages, expenses and attorney’s fee resulting from or attributable to any and all acts and/or omissions of Exhibitor, its directors,
     officers, employees, agents, volunteers, exhibitors or the owners of any festival related property associated with Exhibitor’s booth and the
     booth’s operations and agree to be part of no legal action of any kind against any of them. 
9. Exhibitor will agree to promote VegFest Colorado through social networking. 
10. Use garbage and recycling containers provided. Breakdown all cardboard and stack cardboard at designated areas.
11. Exhibitor will make a strong effort to use environmentally friendly items. 
12. Exhibitor shall not commit any nuisance 
13. Exhibitor will not interfere with the effectiveness of any utility of VFC. 
14. Exhibitor will not interfere with free access or passage to the facilities of VFC.
15. Exhibitor will not do or permit any act which might invalidate the insurance policy carried by the event. 
16. Exhibitor agrees to conduct affairs in a legal, cooperative, and considerate manner according to the local, city, state and federal laws,
      ordinances and the regulations of the facility covering fire, safety, health and all other matters. 
17. Event facility space shall not be shared or sublet without the permission of VFC. 
18. Exhibitor is required to provide appropriate, clean, and attractive table covering(s).
19. VegFest Colorado (VFC) is open to the public, and everyone is welcome to attend. Entrance is granted with the understanding that
     attendees/exhibitors/volunteers who distract from the event with non-endorsed activities will be asked to leave.
​     Thank you for your understanding.

1. Decline any application at its discretion.
2. Set/determine a maximum noise level, suitable methods of operation and display.
3. Have the final decision as to what constitutes a proper exhibit, and such decision shall be final and binding.
4. Move or remove booth(s) or display(s) deemed objectionable to include persons, things, conduct, printed materials, or any item or attire
    VFC organizers may consider objectionable to VFC’s intent. 
5. Relocate exhibitor(s) booth(s) when such relocations are necessary to maintain the character and/or good order of VFC. 
6. Make changes, amendments, and additions, and further regulations, as it considers necessary.
7. Limit OR accept the number of exhibitors providing similar type products or services.