Q:  Whats up with the sponsoring Non-Profit?
A:  VegFest Colorado is coordinated, planned, managed, and supported by Animal Action Network​​, a

       Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. THERE ARE NO PAID POSITIONS. Everyone involved

       are volunteers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about VegFest Colorado, ​fill out the

       Contact form

Q:  What is my admission fee used for?
A:  VegFest Colorado (VFC) is a 2 day event that is hosted by Animal Action Network (AAN), a Colorado

      501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. AAN, and its projects, including VFC is organized and operated

      entirely by unpaid volunteers. Each year VFC alone takes over a 1000 hours of planning & coordinating

      to make this 2 day event happen. Many people find their way to veganism through VFC, businesses

      have an opportunity to present their vegan offerings to their target audience, vegans and those interested 

      in veganism find community, make new friends, and discover new items of interest, and more. The

      admission fee covers the resources needed for this event to take place such as:

      1stBank Center rental, maintenance staff, and insurance;

      Police Officers, Firemen, and EMTs;
      Rental of entertainment tent, stage, table/chairs, and generator;

      Airline tickets, rental cars, Uber, Lyft, and hotel accommodations for presenters;
      Advertising, printing, newspapers, etc.;
      Food and serving utensils for the food presentations;
      Website maintenance;
      Equipment storage, and so on. 
      Anything that is left over after all the bills are paid, goes toward the support and operation of AAN. 

     Throughout the year, AAN provides community for vegans, and anyone interested in veganism, which

     includes monthly gatherings, providing and supporting several meetup groups around the state, vegan

     outreach, such as festival booths, leaflets, etc, many actions for animals, web site maintenance, office

     materials, and so on..

Q:  What is the cancellation/refund policy?
Exhibitor must notify VFC of their cancellation before Midnight on June 16, 2019, which a refund

      (less $25) will be made. If notice of cancellation is given AFTER June 16, 2019, NO REFUND will be 

      given. VegFest Colorado will go on as scheduled unless the weather turns "Life Threatening" in which

      case the event will be cancelled and there will be NO REFUNDS.

Q:  Who can attend VegFest Colorado?

A:  VegFest Colorado (VFC) is open to the public, and everyone is welcome to attend. Entrance is granted

      with the understanding that attendees who distract from the event with non-endorsed activities may be

      asked to leave. 

Q:  Where is VegFest Colorado? 
A:  1stBank Center
      11450 Broomfield Lane
      Broomfield, Colorado 80021


Q:  Do you share Exhibitor or attendee information?
All information acquired by VegFest Colorado will not be Shared, Sold, or Given to anyone, without

      your permission.

Q:  Can I opt out of being in any pictures or videos during the event?

A:  No. There are many people taking pictures and videos of this event. Part of attending is understanding

      that you might be in some photos or videos.

Q:  When is VegFest Colorado?
A:  The last weekend in July. The next one on Saturday & Sunday, July 27 & 28, 2019  10AM - 5PM

​Q:  Do you take Credit Cards?
A:  Yes, we will even give them back. We also take cash.

Q:  How do I volunteer for VegFest Colorado?
​A:   Form will be posted late January 2019.

Q:  What are the Booth prices?
A:  OUTSIDE Food Truck / Trailer: $375 ​
      Food  Booth INSIDE Exhibitor: $375 Food sales primarily for consumption on site​.
      General Exhibitor: $290 Prepackaged food sales. Juices, Smoothies, Powders, Health Drinks, etc. 
      No cooking of food unless giving samples, product giveaways, product promoting, Membership 

      Drive, Services, etc.
      Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Exhibitor: $230 Non-Profit organizations (there is a limit)
Q:  I don’t have a booth. Can I hand out fliers, sign people up to support my cause?
A:  No. To be fair to all the exhibitors who did purchase booth space, unless you have a booth at VegFest 

      Colorado, you cannot solicit anything in any way on the 1stBank Center grounds. Non-endorsed VegFest

      Colorado solicitations / activities will be directed off the 1stBank Center property. Violation of this will 

      result in the Police being called, and immediate and permanent eviction from VegFest Colorado.

Q:  I don't have a booth. Can I sell merchandise?
A:  No. To be fair to all the exhibitors who did purchase booth space, unless you have a booth at VegFest

      Colorado, sales of any merchandise on 1stBank Center property is prohibited.

Q:  How much is admission?
A:   $10 per person per day at the door. 16 years old and under: FREE
       Admission fees are nonrefundable!

Q:  What about parking?
A:  Parking is FREE! Handicap parking is available closest to the 1stBank Center in the West Parking lot.

Q:  Are pets allowed?
A:  Only dogs are recognized as service animals under titles II and III of the ADA. 1STBank Center

      recognizes a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person

      with a disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as

      service animals under the ADA. 

Q:  Will the event be canceled due to weather?
A:  VegFest Colorado will go on unless the weather turns "Life Threatening". 

Q:  Are there wheel chairs available?
A:  Yes upon request. 

Q:  Are there ATMs available on-site?
A:  Yes 

Q:  Can we bring in our own food?
A:  We strongly suggest that you try/sample all the great vegan offerings available at the event.

Q:  Where are the bathrooms?
A:  Clearly marked inside the 1stBank Center.
Q:  No No's
A:  Guns, Knives (unless you are doing a Cooking Demo), Illegal substances, Pets inside the building, Bad

      attitudes, children and or pets unattended in vehicles, children 10 years old and younger unattended

      anywhere in the 1stBank Center, smoking in non designated areas. Bringing in/giving away/consuming

      Animal products. 

VegFest Colorado respectfully requires all your ingredients, items displayed, items sold and sampled, advertisements, not be, contain, reference the use of, or test on, animals. This includes but is not limited to flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, gelatin, coral, silk, skin products (such as cow/leather, snake, alligator, wool, feathers, fur, etc). 

Frequently Asked Questions

July 27 & 28, 2019

9th Annual