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As an Exhibitor/Sponsor
VegFest Colorado will attract thousands of attendees who are passionate about food, a plant-based lifestyle, the planet, animals, and socially/eco conscious companies. This is a great opportunity for you to reach your target audience. Also this event is an effortless way for attendees to learn of your organization or business.​​


As an Attendee
Spend time with like minded people. Enjoy and learn from world renowned luminaries who speak on health, diet and environmental issues. Learn ways to prepare healthier foods at the many Food Presentations. Have fun doing activities with your children in the Kid’s Kingdom. Savor plant based food samples offered by several food vendors. See first hand the numerous eco friendly commercial businesses which could enhance your life. Acquire a new or deeper appreciation for the work the participating non-profit groups are committed to.

How to Participate:

July 22 & 23, 2017


​​VegFest Colorado

Is a 2 day fair that promotes a vegan lifestyle. This event features renowned speakers who speak on health, diet, compassion, and environmental issues. VegFest Colorado also features expert chefs who demonstrate how to prepare delicious healthful plant-based/vegan dishes. Additional activities include food sampling, restaurants, commercial & non-profit exhibitors, fun for the kids and more. VegFest Colorado's primary purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of a plant-based lifestyle and to help build a supportive vegan community.